Contact Alfreda Williams about our newly formed Woman 2 Woman segment and our Addendum to our program providing skillset and faith based teachings to At Risk Youth between ages 18-25   •  •  •     •  •  •  Coming soon an EXTRAVAGANZA the Woman 2 Woman segment of the ADULT ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM with special guest speaker  •  •  • Dinner, Fashion Show, Live Play, acting, games for kids and live entertainment •  •  •  WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN!! From All Walks of Life. Adult Alternative Program/ Reentry: Women Meeting and Greeting Each Saturday at Noon 4929 Chamberlayne Ave, Richmond, VA 23227 (Lunch Will Be Served)

Giving Ex-Offenders a
New Lease on Life

Call: (888) 323-1164
Richmond, VA 23227

How It Works - Our 3 Phase Program

Phase 1: Character Development: Teach Reentry students: How to tie a necktie, Do I have God in my life, Pull my pants up, what is a computer, and how is it used, how do I deal with authority, & etc. Students to receive stipends at $25 per day.

Phase 2: Training & Hands-on instruction: Licensed contractors to come to class to instruct students with framing, drywall, painting, siding,
flooring, electrical, plumbing & Etc. Materials to be provided in part by the Home depot, who has committed, in addition, to provide new tools and tool belts to all graduates. Students to receive stipends at $25 per day.

Phase 3: Rehab Phase: Students will be taken to boarded, and vacant houses. We will gut these houses out completely, and do total renovation
Once rehab is complete,a $5,000.00 house, is now worth $125,000.00. House will be offered first, to reentry students for sale, as first time homebuyers. Secondly, house will be sold, and all equity rolls over into program allowing program to be self sustainable. At the end of third phase students will be introduced to contractors for employment opportunities and enter into the industry to prepare themselves to meet the criteria for becoming class "c" contractors. Students to receive stipends at $50 per day.

After care

Student progress, shall be monitored for a twelve month period. Student shall return to program after one year and be assisted, and guided to attaining the class "C" certification. Subsequently, small jobs coming to the participating contractors, including Williams Builders Plus, shall be given to the new entrepreneurs with guidance. Program will maintain an open line of communication to all students, at all times!