Contact Alfreda Williams about our newly formed Woman 2 Woman segment and our Addendum to our program providing skillset and faith based teachings to At Risk Youth between ages 18-25   •  •  •     •  •  •  Coming soon an EXTRAVAGANZA the Woman 2 Woman segment of the ADULT ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM with special guest speaker  •  •  • Dinner, Fashion Show, Live Play, acting, games for kids and live entertainment •  •  •  WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN!! From All Walks of Life. Adult Alternative Program/ Reentry: Women Meeting and Greeting Each Saturday at Noon 4929 Chamberlayne Ave, Richmond, VA 23227 (Lunch Will Be Served)

Giving Ex-Offenders a
New Lease on Life

Call: (888) 323-1164
Richmond, VA 23227

Our Objective

Adult Alternative Program has identified a need in society to gainfully employ ex-offenders with Williams Builders Plus. Our research provides hard dollar cost information to local and state governments that show how the failure of released prisoners to establish themselves gainfully leads to recidivism. To fight this epidemic, we wish to partner with cities to establish and facilitate our reentry program.

How We Do It

Adult Alternative Program identifies a candidate base, facilitates classroom training, supervises and oversees hands-on training, and expedites certification testing and licensing. At the same time, we provide coaching for faith-based decision-making skills.

Using our sound program, you’re able to train and be equipped to find gainful employment after release from prison, a halfway house, or a rehab facility. We also educate you on establishing credible skill sets in the construction trade that present opportunity for self-sufficiency. Lastly, you’re encouraged to develop strong character traits through incorporation of moral standards inherent to faith-based teachings.

Training, Reentry Program in Sandston, VA

The Final Step

Earn your “Class C” contractor’s license with us for an easier time finding employment and becoming a taxpaying citizen. When this point is reached, our job is done. God, your family, city officials, and citizens are pleased. Whether you’re a father or a mother, you can make the kind of income that takes your family off welfare and moves it into a newly renovated home completed by us.

Your children will be able to attend the local school meetings with both parents and not feel "less than" other students. Being home also means your children won’t have to commit crimes because you’re in jail and your spouse is facing hardship.

Call or email us in Richmond, Virginia, for more information about the objective of our ex-offender reentry program.