Contact Alfreda Williams about our newly formed Woman 2 Woman segment and our Addendum to our program providing skillset and faith based teachings to At Risk Youth between ages 18-25   •  •  •     •  •  •  Coming soon an EXTRAVAGANZA the Woman 2 Woman segment of the ADULT ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM with special guest speaker  •  •  • Dinner, Fashion Show, Live Play, acting, games for kids and live entertainment •  •  •  WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN!! From All Walks of Life. Adult Alternative Program/ Reentry: Women Meeting and Greeting Each Saturday at Noon 4929 Chamberlayne Ave, Richmond, VA 23227 (Lunch Will Be Served)

Giving Ex-Offenders a
New Lease on Life

Call: (888) 323-1164
Richmond, VA 23227

Ex-Offender Reentry Program Based in Richmond, Virginia

Ex-Offender, Reentry Program in Richmond, VA

You’ve served your time and repaid your debt to society, so shouldn’t you have the best resources at your disposal for the best chance at avoiding recidivism?
Start your new life after prison with our effective ex-offender reentry program based in Richmond, Virginia.
Adult Alternative Program isn’t for the sole purpose
of providing vocational training to ex-offenders with
felony convictions. In addition, because not everyone will have the opportunity to go to college, we are offering skills sets and faith based teaching for At Risk Youth between the ages of 18-25. 
We use our 22 years of combined experience to return fathers and mothers to their families and keep them there, and provide vocational training to At Risk Youth.
After you’re released from prison, contact us for your opportunity to succeed in society and enjoy financial stability without the need for criminal involvement.


Richmond program helps former inmates transition back to society


What We Hope To Achieve

• Reduce Recidivism & the Crime Rate
• Increase Municipal, State, & Federal Tax Revenues
• Reduce Welfare Funding & Welfare Roles
• Beautify Neighborhoods by Renovating Condemned & Vacant Properties
• Create Homes for Seniors, the Homeless, ADA Citizens, &
  Wounded Veterans
• Replicate Our Program in Other Cities & States
• Address Serious Socioeconomic Issues
• Provide Skill Sets to At Risk Youth
• Improve Customer Service for Businesses & Communities
• Create Efficiencies within Government Structure
• Create Opportunities for First-Time Homeowners Who Are
  Returning Citizens/Families
• Assist Returning Citizens with Restoration of Their Constitutional Rights
• Offer Free Emergency Repairs for Seniors, ADA Citizens, & Wounded
  Veterans through a Toll-Free Number

Why We Do It

Adult Alternative Program helps ex-offenders because becoming self-employed builds self-esteem, as well as communities, neighborhoods, cities, and government. As one of our members, you’ll be able to create a "world community" that helps you stay positive when the thought of wrongdoing arises or you think of giving up. All you have to do is repeat, “I have too much to lose,” and then you will have the spiritually motivating force you need to succeed outside of prison. But, at the end of the day? IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FAMILY!

Give us a call for more information about
the objective of our ex-offender program.

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Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.